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Private Palate was founded in 2007 by Britta Kramer. In 2006, Britta assisted the Food and Wine staff at Festival del Sole  in Napa Valley, CA. While working alongside world-renowned chefs, Britta was inspired by California cuisine and well-curated events. Excited by a mission impossible, Britta jumped at the chance to quit her Pharmaceutical position to let a 5-month adventure through unknown countries be her first culinary teacher. Throughout her travels she connected with locals and chefs to learn the endless styles of cooking and possibilities of using ingredients of each culture. After her return to Milwaukee in 2007, Britta founded Private Palate.  Her vision was to prepare fresh, local, whole foods while focusing on the balance and sustainability of the mind, body and environment.  Private Palate clients are fitness-oriented individuals, professional athletes, celebrities and families alike.  Britta spent the next few years traveling to Europe, Asia, Central America and Mexico to continue to hone her skills.  In 2012, Britta attended the International Culinary Institute in New York City, where she now resides, curates events and partners with other creatives and brands.  Private Palate Milwaukee continues to grow and is now a community of chefs who all share the same passion for nutrient-dense cuisine, travel, wellness and sustainability.


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Chef. Event Curator.

Britta Kramer is a chef and event curator based in New York City. Her first memory of food is in her grandmother's kitchen as a little girl.  A passionate, Austrian woman, Anna's love for creating a lush experience in her food captured Britta's imagination from childhood and formed her dream to become an experimenteur herself! An artist of experiments, Britta weaves together an event that works on all five senses by curating sight, smell, taste and feel, tailored to each individual friend or client alike.





photo credit: Suki Zoe, Suki Zoe Photography