With Private Palate, entertaining is as effortless as it is elegant

Private Palate offers a full-service event experience. From corporate events and fundraisers to cocktail parties and weddings, Private Palate will curate an event sure to wow your guests. Every Private Palate event features innovative, seasonal menus filled with expertly prepared, beautifully plated dishes. We pride ourselves in sourcing the best ingredients and preparing dishes in such a way that encourages their natural flavors to shine. Our experienced and dedicated staff ensure all guests are taken care of, and hosts can do what they should be doing at their own party--enjoying time with those they care about. We adore bringing people together for a shared experience around thoughtfully procured and well prepared food, and we would love to celebrate with you at your next event.

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“Britta is masterful in creating multi-dimensional events with food, décor, feel, tone, and effortless style in mind. Not only is she versatile, resourceful, and able to elevate every setting to its best version, her personality and passion are infectious!”

– Mel H.

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“She has a terrific sense of style and the food is as beautiful as it is delicious. Above all, Britta is such a joy to be around with no attitude and no ego. She will always be the only chef I use and refer to my friends, colleagues, and clients."

– Lisa L.

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Not only is the food amazing, but the presentation and professionalism of Private Palate is unmatched, even in NYC where there is no shortage of terrific chefs.
— Lisa L.

photo credit: Judy Kim, The Judy Lab | Suki Zoe, Suki Zoe Photography | Gavyn Baxa, GTB Imagery