Through her years of culinary education and research, Chef Britta Kramer has established herself as a world-renowned private chef, chef broker, and mentor. Kramer aims to provide the highest caliber of service to all of her clients. In doing so, Chef Britta Kramer only uses the freshest and healthiest ingredients in her recipes. She has established her reputation by taking a unique approach to every dining experience. Initially, Kramer will conduct an extensive assessment of her clients’ palate, food allergies, as well as medical and/or dietary needs. She will then handcraft a customized menu according to the initial assessment. At her client’s convenience, Chef Kramer will attend to their kitchen and prepare their specialized meal. Worried about the mess? Chef Britta Kramer does it all – her client’s kitchen will be left spotless except for the lingering aroma of the nutritiously prepared food. Chef Kramer will also work furiously around the clock and is available daily, weekly, or monthly – depending on her client’s needs. 

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At Private Palate we believe in preparing nutrient-dense meals using fresh, local, whole foods. We provide health-conscious chefs for our clients. Menus are custom-designed to meet any dietary restriction and food allergy to provide meals that will benefit your lifestyle.

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